4 things

1. A question (for my Harry Potter friends): if you could have any magical power from the Harry Potter series, what would it be? What magical object would you like to possess? Me, I want to Apparate, and I really dig Hermione’s magic purse from book 7.

2. A request: Amanda! When I go to your blog I’m told it no longer exists! Where did you go?

3. A healty dose of paranoia: Have you ever discovered that bloggers who used to link to your site suddenly stopped linking to your site? Or is that, you know, just me? Was it something I said? Did I inadvertenly offend someone? Is it because I bottle-feed my baby? Am I in SEVENTH GRADE?

4. A picture: Mia and I spent yesterday afternoon visiting my friend MJ at her lake house. It was the lake I grew up on and spent countless hours swimming in, and yet…yesterday, floating around in brown water, the likes of which could be concealing all manner of scaly, slimy, slithery things, caused me to freak out a little. But I got over it, because my kid, she likes the water. So much, in fact, that she FELL ASLEEP while we were floating around, too-big life jacked be damned. Here we are a little while after the nap. Check out her hair exploding from under the cap. Do you think Art Garfunkel was my donor?

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6 thoughts on “4 things

  1. What bugs me is when someone unsubscribes from my feed… drives me batty with insecurity.

    We have a picture of Julia from last summer in a too-big life jacket sound asleep from riding on a jet boat. Too funny!

    Power from the HP world, eh? I did really like that purse of Hermione’s. But I think it would have to be the time-turner for sure!

  2. I want to be able to make a patronus. I do know that mine is a dachshund.

    My blogging insecurity….that would be a post. Maybe I should write it.

  3. dude- I have blogging issues (why don’t I have any comments?!?!?!) all the effing time. I also get sad when my readership graph dips low.

    Amanda moved to wordpress-I’ll e-mail you the new link.

  4. I’m with you on the Apparate power. It sure would cut down on the commute!

    I try not to notice about the blog linkage. Of course, I don’t have a whole lot of time to notice anymore.

  5. Thanks Calli for passing on the link. Sorry–i’m still using my blogger id occasionally in my paranoia about sharing the new one. The link should be in my signature.
    That picture is ADORABLE!

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