When I was a little kid I used to sit for hours in my mom’s old bedroom in my grandparents’ house, at the foot of a dresser that is now in my own guest room, and look at old pictures. The bottom two drawers of that dresser were full to overflowing with photographs, and I … More Magic 

A la mia cara Mia: Mommy is a slacker

I started doing these little monthly updates for the same reason that a certain well-known blogger does monthly letters about her daughter: changes, both physical and mental, happen so fast with babies, and I didn’t want to forget anything and end up posting something in December like, “You’ve grown a lot.  You’re a year old. You’re a big girl … More A la mia cara Mia: Mommy is a slacker

Expecto patronum

Remember that thing I told you about the other day, the really horrible thing? I am choosing not to speak of it at this time. It is even more horrible than I thought, and I don’t want to talk about it right now. Nonetheless, I appreciate the wishes of love and light more than you … More Expecto patronum

4 things

1. A question (for my Harry Potter friends): if you could have any magical power from the Harry Potter series, what would it be? What magical object would you like to possess? Me, I want to Apparate, and I really dig Hermione’s magic purse from book 7. 2. A request: Amanda! When I go to … More 4 things

Summer Solstice, advice needed, and a bunch of other random bits of my enthralling existence

Happy Summer Solstice. Yes, I know, Solstice was yesterday, but I was celebrating and did not spend much time on the computer. Actually, that is a lie. I forgot that yesterday was Solstice because I had no idea what day it was–as far as I’m concerned, the first sign that summer is truly underway. I … More Summer Solstice, advice needed, and a bunch of other random bits of my enthralling existence

The face of women in 2006

Over at Erstellen Mutterschaft today, Calliope raised a very important question: is THIS the face of women in 2006? THIS, specifically, is the winner of the Miss American pageant, along with her 49 competitors. You’ve seen them before–they’re basically the same every year: glazed eyes, plasticine faces, fake boobs, blank expressions. In response to Calliope’s … More The face of women in 2006


To see the dog that bit me on the leg and drew blood THROUGH MY PAJAMAS on Christmas Eve, the magnets my sister and I made over the holidays, my middle sister under the influence of pomegranate martinis, my youngest sister and me getting tattooed, and my youngest sister’s cool lizard king tattoo, go here. … More Redirected