So long, friend.

I think it’s an understatement to say that the past few years have magnified how divisive the internet can be. Articles and books have been written—I have even written—about how easy it is for people to hide behind their keyboards and lob insults at folks they will never see. And if we’re being honest, sometimes … More So long, friend.

The Age of Miracles

You’ve probably heard the story of the man whose home is slowly being engulfed by floodwaters—how he waited, first on his porch, then next to a second floor window, then on the roof, and waved off his would-be rescuers because he knew for certain God was coming to save him. And then he drowned. Died, … More The Age of Miracles

The Key

To Trent on our 6th anniversary 1. It was there all along, filled with light, sound, familiar voices, quiet conversation, children laughing. You could never see their faces—just shadows moving in the purple evening light, a cheekbone silhouette, wavy hair, a hand reaching out. 2. Daily errands and long runs took you past that place … More The Key

Run, Girl. Run.

“You get that girl! You get her! You get her!” They look forward to the relay all year. They practice, both in PE and at recess. They challenge each other whenever they get the chance. They time their efforts, marking seconds off their finish. They trash talk and brag–all in good fun, mostly, because they … More Run, Girl. Run.


You are not welcome here. You know who you are, and I think that should be clear to you (and you, also). So far you have tried to steal my soul, my heart, my mind, my body, but inch by inch you revealed the menace so deeply entwined in your seemingly innocent words, and your … More Go.

Off the list

Oh hey, hiiii. It’s been a while. I wish I could say I haven’t written in ages because it’s summer break and I’ve been traveling, or taking a reading break (that’s a real thing writers do, right?), but the truth is, it’s hard to concentrate with a 10 year-old practicing her soccer rainbow with a … More Off the list

Never Change

You would have been 85 today. Eighty-five. It is so hard for me to fathom, because you are frozen in time for me. I think about you and picture someone in decent health, quick and strong, handsome and deeply tanned from working outside. I never picture you the way you were just before you died. … More Never Change

Running With Amigos

A FB acquaintance of mine posted an article recently about why people post their run routes, workouts, and gym photos on social media. The article’s author, and my acquaintance and many of her commenting friends, claim it is because those people are vain and need huge amounts of attention to feed their gaping bottomless pits … More Running With Amigos

It’s Wednesday

Today is not our anniversary. It is not your birthday, or mine, or anyone else’s. There’s no holiday to observe, nothing in particular to celebrate. It is just Wednesday, and I want to tell you something. To say things have been busy lately–and by lately I mean the last 2-3 years–is an understatement. There may have … More It’s Wednesday