We need to talk. Actually, scratch that. I don’t mean it. It’s a euphemism, and for me, in this moment, it means I am going to say some stuff. In print. Not out loud. Because I am…not good at that, per se. Let me explain. For as long as I can remember I have been … More #awkward

I cannot deactivate until you say you are satisfied with your care.

I am not qualified to provide commentary about what’s happening in Paris and other parts of the world right now. I am not even qualified to understand what is happening in Paris and other parts of the world. I am not qualified to suggest solutions to global terrorism, or even terrorism of the local variety. I … More I cannot deactivate until you say you are satisfied with your care.


I see you there, sitting at your kitchen table in a rare quiet moment. One kid is asleep, another is playing at the neighbor’s down the street. You are summoning the energy to get up and clean those floors for the third time this week, wondering how much you can get done before nap time … More Storm/Shelter


I had this great mental post brewing today that I was absolutely planning to put in print this afternoon, and it was going to center around the literally hundreds of photos I was going to spend the morning uploading to Flickr. I have no actual idea how long it has been since I uploaded pictures … More Cursing

Best day

Did you ever have one of those days when you go back to sleep after the 30-minute programmed snooze, and so you are already running late when the toilet stops up for no reason, and then that horrible thief-breaking-into-the-house sound thunders through the baby monitor speaker and causes you to jump and hit your elbow on the hard tiled … More Best day

Slow boil

Thanks to those of you who posted questions or bits of inspiration on my last post. Yesterday after I finished typing my desperate plea for help, I feverishly clicked PUBLISH and then ran out to my car and had a panic attack. Okay, I actually ran out to my car because I had an off-campus … More Slow boil

The fabric whisperer

Quick–tell me what you see when you hear the word “sew.” If you’re like me you are picturing a warmly lit room, reminiscent of a Renaissance painting, possibly involving a fireplace and a large somnolent dog curled up at the feet of a woman whose only thought in the world is the careful placement of her needle in the … More The fabric whisperer