I had this great mental post brewing today that I was absolutely planning to put in print this afternoon, and it was going to center around the literally hundreds of photos I was going to spend the morning uploading to Flickr. I have no actual idea how long it has been since I uploaded pictures to Flickr, but if the sheer number of pictures still hanging out on my memory cards, as well as the numerous folders of them accumulating on my computer, are any indication, it has been 14 years. Lord, I take a lot of pictures. I had it all planned out: I would bring in my laptop and connect to the university’s wireless network (check!); organize the gazillion pictures by date on my hard drive (check!); and then fill the uploader desktop by month (check!); and then, by the time I had done what I needed to do at work, my pictures would be in Flickr and I could pull what I needed to write a delightful tome highlighting some events from the past few months. Uh. Notice there is no CHECK! next to that last bit. Because after several “this program has encountered an unexpected error and needs to close” messages, I noticed a little box that kept popping up at the bottom of my screen offering me the opportunity to download the latest version of the uploader. So I did. And that was FOUR HOURS AGO. For four hours I attempted to upload the same batch of pictures to no avail. I reinstalled the new uploader, and I removed all the photos and then tried again, and NOTHING happened. Nothing but those cute little pink and blue Flickr balls twirling in the corner, indicating that they were doing SOMETHING with my photos. Lies!

And so now, after spending the better part of the afternoon fighing with the Flickr uploader, the post I was planning to write earlier today is just a long string of really bad curses, many of which contain the phrases “monkey’s ass” and “…in a rowboat.” (I amĀ terrible at cursing.) I have eradicated the new version of the uploader and reinstalled the old one, and now I’m just sitting here waiting for an unexpected error to occur, so if you’re from Flickr and you’re reading this, you totally owe me a case of beer.

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