Overheard on vacation

Thanks to all of you who were so excited about my sudden onslaught of habitual blogging. And also, sorry about it’s equally sudden demise. I am sitting in a rented condo at Cherry Grove Beach in South Carolina, and it is day 6 of 7 of a vacation on which I had planned to blog daily. But then, on the very first night, while trying to understand the complicated operating intricacies of a Cuisinart coffee maker, I burned my entire right hand and wrist with boiling hot water. Mostly it is fine except for a dime-sized angry red blister on the inside of my wrist that makes typing painful, so here I sit at the end of the week with a completely valid excuse for neglecting my writing habit and a head full of stories I will probably forget.

Mia has been a wealth of material this week, and she has uttered some phrases and statements I simply CANNOT forget, so I am ignoring the sting in my wrist to document the following gems:

I am trying to rinse sand off of myself, and Mia is prancing around the shower squealing.

Mia: I’m cold! I’m cold! I’m cold!
Me: Get under the shower water and warm up.
Mia: Okay, Mommy, but where is the UNDER water?
(I can only assume she is referring to BATH water, because when she gets cold during a bath she says she has to get “under the water” to warm herself.)

I am rinsing shampoo out of Mia’s hair with the detachable hose in the shower.

Mia: Mommy, what are you doing?
Me: I’m rinsing the soap out of your hair?
Mia: Are you trying to grow me, Mommy?

I have slept with Mia and am lying on the edge of the bed; she is sitting up against the wall.

Mia: Mommy, is it time to get up?
Me: Yes, you can get up if you want to.
(PAUSE, wherein Mia just stares at me)
Me: So do you want to get up?
Mia: Yes, Mommy, but I can’t get up with you lying down.

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