Run, Girl. Run.

“You get that girl! You get her! You get her!” They look forward to the relay all year. They practice, both in PE and at recess. They challenge each other whenever they get the chance. They time their efforts, marking seconds off their finish. They trash talk and brag–all in good fun, mostly, because they … More Run, Girl. Run.

Off the list

Oh hey, hiiii. It’s been a while. I wish I could say I haven’t written in ages because it’s summer break and I’ve been traveling, or taking a reading break (that’s a real thing writers do, right?), but the truth is, it’s hard to concentrate with a 10 year-old practicing her soccer rainbow with a … More Off the list


There is an article floating around Facebook this week about lateness. Specifically, it demonizes people who run late on the regular, and it is not nice. In fact, the title of it is “No, You Are Not Running Late, You Are Rude and Selfish.” It was written by a professional recruiter, and based on that … More Timely

On my mind.

It has been almost a year, both since we chatted, and since we have not chatted, about your girl. I still remember vividly that morning when, per my  usual routine, I stumbled across your post on Facebook and literally hit my knees on the unforgiving linoleum floor of my bathroom. My mom was still staying … More On my mind.

I hope I will never forget the feeling of your tiny face tucked up under my chin as you turned away from the wind, the tickle of your hair against my cheek, the soft brush of your breath on my neck, the sound of your little voice saying my name over and over on this … More

Dear Hayden

When Daddy and I were babies, Mamaw and Nonna wrote down things about us every week in something called a “baby book.” Things like our first steps and when we started eating peas and bananas and the dates of all our shots. They kept up with them for years. We still have them, and their … More Dear Hayden

The Right Choice

A few weekends ago we went to a cookout at the home of one of Trent’s coworkers. As usual, we were the picture of A Family Who Has It Together: I was on the brink of heat exhaustion in the sweater I’d purchased earlier that day and had to wear, not only because it was … More The Right Choice

Best day

Did you ever have one of those days when you go back to sleep after the 30-minute programmed snooze, and so you are already running late when the toilet stops up for no reason, and then that horrible thief-breaking-into-the-house sound thunders through the baby monitor speaker and causes you to jump and hit your elbow on the hard tiled … More Best day