Best day

Did you ever have one of those days when you go back to sleep after the 30-minute programmed snooze, and so you are already running late when the toilet stops up for no reason, and then that horrible thief-breaking-into-the-house sound thunders through the baby monitor speaker and causes you to jump and hit your elbow on the hard tiled corner wall in the bathroom, but it turns out to be the cat attacking an Easy Ups box in the hallway, and just as your heart rate returns to normal the Frog Pod bath toy organizer loses suction and crashes to the floor of the tub and nearly causes you to put out your own eye with a mascara wand, and then, while you are trying to put the dog’s harness on her so you can take her to your friend’s house for a doggie play date, your newly pedicured and sandaled feet get covered with mulch and dirt, and then after you finally get the dog into the car you accidentally slam her freakishly long tail in the passenger door, and when you open it to free her she shoots out of the open driver’s side door like a bullet fired from a gun and runs around the neighborhood at breakneck speed with her retractable leash dragging behind her, and so when you are finally in the car and en route to work you are drenched with sweat, and your hair is all wild in your face, making you look slightly crazy, and you are sure it’s going to be the Worst Day Ever, and then you look into the rearview mirror at your daughter in her Jackie O. sunglasses, and she sees you looking at her and she smiles and says, “Turn on the music, Mommy, I feel like singing a song,” and you know you were wrong, and it’s going to best day of your life. Did you ever have one of those days?

2 thoughts on “Best day

  1. Gotta love those sweet little innocent faces! They’re great for putting things back into perspective.

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