Contents of the little girl’s bed

1 standard pillow

2 small pillows

1 pink stuffed pig (Piggie, the Chosen One)

1 pink stuffed pig travel neck pillow

1 “Wee Hairy Beastie”

3 dragons (red, gold, green)

1 large child-size Elmo wearing Elmo underwear

1 heart-covered dog

1 stuffed Horton, sans the Whos

1 pink rubber duckie

1 Jamba Juice kids’ sports bottle (filled with water)

1 MOBY Tyke Light (AKA The Light Man)

1 handmade crib quilt

1 twin comforter


Every few days I remove one or two things that I think might go unnoticed (NEVER Piggie, Beastie, the  Light Man, or the Jamba Juice bottle) and return them to the playroom, and for a few days the bed will be spacious and cozy, and then one night I am tucking her in and there they all are again, having been returned to their nest with great stealth and without a word to me from their rescuer, and I just shake my head and bid my small Fred Sanford child goodnight.

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3 thoughts on “Contents of the little girl’s bed

  1. you forgot to mention that it’s a toddler bed–couldn’t possibly be big enough for a girl and her cat.

  2. We don’t even bother. There are countless dolls, stuffed animals, books, pacifiers and other crud all over her bed. However, occasionally I have to draw the line. The other day when I was putting her down for a nap, she laid three baby dolls right in the middle of the bed. I asked where she was going to sleep and she pointed to the floor. I said, “No way,” and moved the dolls to the side. They’re all nuts.

  3. Upgrade the bed to king-size and multiply the list and the child by two… add two adults contorted around said list and children, not to mention the occasionally sneaky shih tzu puppy, and you have our bed… every night.

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