It’s Personal

I can’t remember when it became clear to me that writing was something I was good at, something no one had to teach me. I learned things, of course, technique and precision, and I found my voice, my own style, which apparently involves borderline run-on sentences and lots of comma splices, but whatever. My point … More It’s Personal

Not so much a new day as a small attempt at the avoidance of perpetual darkness

I never in my life thought it would be such a difficult thing to sit down at my computer and write something to post on this blog. Never. I’m not sure how long I’ve historically gone without posting in the four years I’ve been writing here–I could look, but I don’t really care–but I’m pretty … More Not so much a new day as a small attempt at the avoidance of perpetual darkness


I hate to sound like a broken record, but it would seem I am right back where I was back in the fall when I couldn’t put words on a page to save my life. My head is congested, and not just from this killer sinus infection that wasted no time taking up residence in … More Empty

New year, delayed

I’ve spent the last hour reading end-of-2008 reflections on a few of my favorite blogs, and I would love to tell you that these brilliant minds inspired a reflection of my own, but they did not. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I am at work on New Year’s Eve for the first … More New year, delayed

Love throw a line

I am not dead. I have not been abducted by aliens. I am not even preoccupied by anything new or exciting (other than the daily antics of this small person I live with who refuses to walk in spite of proven ability but still manages to get into every forbidden realm of my house).  I would love … More Love throw a line

Expecto patronum

Remember that thing I told you about the other day, the really horrible thing? I am choosing not to speak of it at this time. It is even more horrible than I thought, and I don’t want to talk about it right now. Nonetheless, I appreciate the wishes of love and light more than you … More Expecto patronum


I found out last week that my grandmother on my mom’s side is dying. Soon, probably. Some rare and apparently very advanced form of liver cancer. I am speechless. Wordless in general, apparently, because it’s been several minutes since I typed those sentences up there, and I still don’t know what else to say. I … More Blank

4 things

1. A question (for my Harry Potter friends): if you could have any magical power from the Harry Potter series, what would it be? What magical object would you like to possess? Me, I want to Apparate, and I really dig Hermione’s magic purse from book 7. 2. A request: Amanda! When I go to … More 4 things