I hate to sound like a broken record, but it would seem I am right back where I was back in the fall when I couldn’t put words on a page to save my life. My head is congested, and not just from this killer sinus infection that wasted no time taking up residence in my chest and transfiguring like an evil Harry Potter character into bronchitis. I cannot seem to nail down a complete thought. I am tired all of the time now, which is not really different from before, except now I am tired with a cough and a really annoying stuffy nose and constant sinus pressure. I cannot think of anything I really want to do other than take care of my child. I stare a lot at my desk and its lists and calendars and things to do. I look out my window at the beautiful blue sky and the leafless branches waving gently in the 68-degree breeze, and I cannot even muster the desire to go outside and feel the sun on my face. I am inertia personified.

This is the part where I announce to no one in particular that I’m probably going to stop doing Word People updates. Well, I’m going to continue to stop, since I haven’t actually done any updates in weeks. I will leave the people themselves and the links to their blogs on the designated page, and I might continue to put up a writing prompt or two every now and then. But I’ve decided that the revolution I need as a writer (and apparently as a human with a functional personality) is going to take some real effort on my part. I thought monitoring and reading the work of other bloggers would be the push I needed, but it wasn’t, or else the infusion just didn’t take, and now I need to find something that will. What I really need is a real live person to say to me, “What the hell did you write about today?” and when I say sheepishly, “Nothing,” I need that person to say, “That is unacceptable. Here, write about _____.” I need a writing teacher, an accountability coach, a word trainer, if you will; problem is, everyone, including me, is just so damn busy.

Meanwhile, I’m still reading, even if I fail to exert the effort it takes to leave a comment. Keep writing (and that goes for you too, I say sternly to myself).

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