I hate to sound like a broken record, but it would seem I am right back where I was back in the fall when I couldn’t put words on a page to save my life. My head is congested, and not just from this killer sinus infection that wasted no time taking up residence in … More Empty


“What could you write about? List 25 persons, places, or things you would like to write about some day. Then, choose one and WRITE!!!! Save the others for another day.” I have been drafting the following list for over a week. It was supposed to be my post LAST TUESDAY. I would love to tell … More Twenty-five

Not even for you, BFF

Those of you who’ve been around a while will remember my BFF, Catherine Newman? For years she wrote a parenting blog, Dalai Mama, which I discovered through my addiction to [the now defunct, let us all have a moment of silence] Wondertime magazine, and then she shifted her focus to a food blog, Dalai Mama Dishes*. When I initially … More Not even for you, BFF


“What fed your sweet tooth?  Write about a favorite candy you remember from childhood.” I don’t remember how old my cousin Tanya and I were when we started walking up the hill to the store by ourselves. What I do remember is a handful of change still warm from my grandfather’s wallet, blackberries and pink … More Sweet