Twenty-five and counting

I’ve decided to add a new item to this list every time I cross off another item, because the little stack of post-its hanging around my desk need a more permanent home.

  1. The drugs I REALLY need (as opposed to the ones my spam email claims I need)
  2. Clean-ness envy
  3. The Mebane House
  4. That unfortunate rum and Diet Coke incident
  5. The Great Wal-Mart Experiment
  6. My daughter’s potty mouth
  7. Making ratatouille
  8. Have youmet the Robinsons?
  9. The naked seat
  10. Incredible underwear
  11. All the wrong clothes: middle school
  12. All the wrong clothes: adulthood
  13. Passionflower’s 1984 white Camry
  14. Warning: Under the Influence of Toddler
  15. MaMa and the one-year old “draft”
  16. The single drafter
  17. That woman who was crying through Disney on Ice
  18. My irrational airplane fear
  19. “Sweet maple sugar, honey, hot buttered rum”
  20. Wii exercise together now
  21. The Santa dilemma
  22. London
  23. Mommy paranoia: why did no one warn me?
  24. Smell memories
  25. Free association/writing practice
  26. The Wedding
  27. The Estate of the Late Mr. Dee

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