Thirteen things I would do if two feet of snow* fell and cancelled school

*Who am I kidding? Here in NC two INCHES would cancel school. Anyway, story still applies….

  1. Catch up on my magazines. I could paper my walls with back issues of The Progressive, Yoga Journal, and the Oxford American.

  2. Mend the claw-shaped hole in my comforter that’s been there for over a year.

  3. Walk with Suzanna in the woods while the snow was still falling.

  4. Make potato soup.

  5. Call my mom–we always talk on snow days.

  6. Read the rest of the Lemony Snicket books.

  7. Watch “Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood” and “Steel Magnolias,” and maybe even “9 to 5” for the gazillionth time.

  8. Clean the baseboards.

  9. Experiment with the hair straightener…again.

  10. Paint my toenails.

  11. Sun salutations.

  12. Lie on the couch with a cat on my stomach and a dog at my feet and stare at the Christmas tree.
  13. LAUNDRY!

4 thoughts on “Thirteen things I would do if two feet of snow* fell and cancelled school

  1. let me know when the Dolly Parton movie festival is. That is SO worth a road trip! Just don’t forget ‘Straight Talk’!

  2. I LOVE the Series of Unfortunate Event books. I’m hoping I’m getting the Penultimate Peril for Christmas!

    PS– I love ginger, too!

  3. I’m such a sucker for a happy ending that I can’t STAND the Lemony Snicket books. They just crush me. Everytime something good almost happens… bam!

    (Yes, I understand that’s the POINT. It just doesn’t work for me.)

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