I have three drafts saved. Not one of them is anywhere near completion. It is Thursday, and according to my “writing plan” I should have already posted twice this week. But at 4:24, with minutes left at this desk sans child to care for, this is all I’ve got: nothing. Not a damn thing. Tomorrow … More Slam!

Please understand me

Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts. I know you will understand when I say don’t want to talk about it right now. That I don’t want to talk about it is probably surprising considering the following: I took the Personality Types profile for the first time as a college freshman. I knew it … More Please understand me

Theft is fun!

Another STEAL THIS MEME brought to you by Calliope. 1) December is to the teaching profession as Sand is to your crack at the beach in the summer. 2) If you gave me a Dys0n vacuum cleaner I would think you were reading my secret diary (& loving you for it) but if you gave … More Theft is fun!

Stolen goods

I stole this meme at Cali’s urging. If you haven’t already, you are welcome to steal it, too. I don’t think she’d mind. She’s nice that way. Be advised, those fill-in-the blank questions are HARD. 1) If somebody said you were like a breakfast cereal, which one would you be and why? Honeycombs, because I … More Stolen goods

Meme, or shameless gesture on Trista’s behalf because she’s wondering where the hell my mix CD is (Meme the First)

Thanks to Trista for tagging me to do this very cool “mix tape” questionnaire. What songs would you have on your personal “meaningful mix” CD? 1) A favorite political track: Times, They are a-Changin’ by Bob Dylan and Dear Mr. President by Pink. 2) One of those tracks that make you dance on the dance … More Meme, or shameless gesture on Trista’s behalf because she’s wondering where the hell my mix CD is (Meme the First)

Q&A, Volume 6

If you could live anywhere where would that be & why? London. I have a hard time explaining why, though. There just aren’t words to describe my love and longing for this place, for the sound and smell of the Underground, the confidence I discovered as I navigated the busy streets, the thrill of walking … More Q&A, Volume 6

Q&A, Volume 5

What do you think about the new immigration laws the government is trying to put into effect? What do you think that will do to your classes as a teacher? I get my news from two sources: the AOL startpage and NPR. And sometimes not NPR, depending on whether or not I’m addicted to some … More Q&A, Volume 5

Q&A, Volume 4

Most embarrassing moments make good blog fodder, if you have enough perspective. There was a time when I was always embarrassed. I was painfully shy as a child; talking was embarrassing. Then I became a teacher. Nothing fazes me now. Nothing. How about telling us about the time you almost chucked one of your students … More Q&A, Volume 4