Please understand me

Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts. I know you will understand when I say don’t want to talk about it right now. That I don’t want to talk about it is probably surprising considering the following:

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I took the Personality Types profile for the first time as a college freshman. I knew it then as the Myers-Briggs Personality Types Test. I have never been anything other than an INFJ, and when, during my junior year, I suggested to my professor/friend Steve that I might not be an “F” anymore, he actually laughed in my face. I have taken the test so many times that I know many of the questions by heart, and I have even tried to throw it. I can’t. Reading the INFJ profile is like reading a description of myself. It’s downright eerie.

If this sort of thing interests you, there’s a great book called Please Understand Methat goes into detailed descriptions of each type, and even interprets each type through life activity filters such as marriage, parenting, and work. I had a copy but it fell victim to the Great School Fire of 2006. I highly recommend it (the book, not the fire).

Thanks to Trista for making me aware of this site and nifty badge. It has lots of cool info about the sixteen personality types and multiple intelligences, including famous people who share your individual type. Incidentally, Tom Selleck is an INFJ. After all that ribbing I’ve endured about being smitten with a Republican card-carrying member of the NRA, I am pleased to say my Magnum obsession now makes perfect sense.

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