Theft is fun!

Another STEAL THIS MEME brought to you by Calliope.

1) December is to the teaching profession as Sand is to your crack at the beach in the summer.

2) If you gave me a Dys0n vacuum cleaner I would think you were reading my secret diary (& loving you for it) but if you gave me sparkly jewelry I may wonder if you really know me at all.

3) My house is decorated with bits and pieces of everything I love.

4) All I want for Christmas is for Calliope to get knocked up. (different than #2, this is where you tell us how much you really want world peace or mandatory nudity at strip malls…)

5) Giving a loved one soap or any type of body wash is the path of least resistance where gift-giving goes, unless said relative really loves soap or body wash. I myself like soap and body wash. In fact, I would love some of that green Dove soap in my stocking. Hint.

6) What is your favorite holiday movie? “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

7) What is your favorite holiday food dish? My mom’s cornbread dressing.

8) Who would win in a street fight? Elijah or Jesus? I’m thinking Mary would come in to break it up and kick both their butts.

9) If I hear one more holiday song I will hope that I FINALLY start feeling some holiday spirit.

10) What is your favorite moment/s of 2006? & for all of you bitters, what is (are) your least favorite moments? My favorite moment was realizing that the rythmic pokes I was feeling several times of day was actually Chickie suffering from hiccups. My most bitter moment was watching my workplace burn down.

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