Upon the first day…

January: Have you ever had so much going on that you couldn’t light on one thing to focus on (or in this case write about)?

February: It’s official: I’m a Flickr whore.

March: I’ve been mulling over this post for several days.

April: My temperature did not go up today.

May: There was a time when I was always embarrassed.

June: Imagine a sheepish look on my face.

July: This is a story of embarrassment (those dead plants were in my house for months) made right.

August: I found my creativity! It was inside my sewing basket! Who knew?

September: School has started. I’m so thrilled.

October: Okay, so I’m behind on Photo Friday yet again.

November: Since the laptop I’ve been using for all of my internet access was in my classroom, I have to resort to my antique desktop, which sometimes freezes mid-sentence.

December: It is 80 degrees in my class–er, cubicle.

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