Sense and sensibility

My mom, a loyal reader, suggested a post related to the five senses, and my sister followed through quite nicely. Here, after days of contemplation, is my contribution.

5 things you like to smell:
1. vegetable soup simmering on the stove
2. cloves
3. cold air
4. Earl Grey tea
5. baby lotion

5 things you like to taste:
1. beer
2. my mom’s cornbread dressing
3. banana popsicles
4. ginger
5. brie

5 things you like to feel:
1. cold sheets against my skin
2.Chapin purring next to me
3. in control
4. the sun on my face
5. tired in a good way

5 things you like to hear:
1. rain
2. “Guilford County Schools will be closed today due to inclement weather”
3. my goddaughter talking in her cute little southern accent
4. the ocean
5. hummingbird wings

5 things you like to see:
1. birds at my feeder
2. snow falling
3. the tents at the Storytelling Festival
4. pictures of my grandfather
5. the first leaves of spring

5 things you don’t like to smell:
1. body odor
2. the obscenely strong cologne my students spray in an attempt to cover their body odor
3. cigarette smoke
4. dog/cat food
5. that awful fake rose scent

5 things you don’t like to taste:
1. hummus
2. anything really cold–hurts my teeth
3. licorice
4. sweet potatoes
5. that fluoride crap dentists use to clean my teeth

5 things you don’t like to feel:
1. paranoid
2. out of control
3. out of the loop/ignored
4. inadequate
5. sticky

5 things you don’t like to hear:
1. Michael Bolton and Aaron Neville songs
2. someone vomiting
3. stories about broken bones
4. the Presid–oops, I mean, someone using really bad grammar
5. snoring

5 things you don’t like to see:
1. an animal that’s been hit by a car
2. someone vomiting (especially on tv and in the movies–there is entirely TOO MUCH vomit in the movies these days!)
3. pubescent teenagers tongue kissing in the hallway outside my classroom
4. ignorance in action
5. indifference

People you want to do this: Whoever feels moved to do so.

2 thoughts on “Sense and sensibility

  1. Oooh, wonderful job! I love it!

    How can you not like hummus?! You just need the right people making it!

    As for #4 in things you don’t like to hear… HA I agree 😀

    (Yeah I deleted that comment.. I made a typo, and I am anal.)

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