My friend Steph is compiling a list of great things about being 30 for her sister-in-law, who is apparently freaking out about her upcoming thirtieth birthday. Since most of my readership is in the 30s range, I thought I’d enlist all of you to contribute to the list. Leave your “what’s great about being 30” contribution in the comments, and feel free to include more than one if you are so inclined. I’ll start:

1. I no longer worry so much about looking or feeling stupid in front of others, because who really gives a crap as long as I am content with how I look or feel?

2. I no longer obsess about that weekly pumpkin cream cheese muffin or that extra handful of Peanut M&Ms, because I’ve developed a close enough relationship with my body to understand that moderation is acceptable.

3. I leased a car at 21, and after the lease was up I financed the car; I never managed to pay off the loan for that car. The car I bought less than three years ago will be paid off in 18 months.

4. I have grown up furniture now.

5. I am much more interested in what a person stands for than in what a person is wearing (or what size a person is wearing), and I find it to be a much healthier interest.

Your turn.

5 thoughts on “thirtysomething

  1. can I just echo the sentiment of “grown up furniture”? Though Kristin’s not yet 30 and technically they’re hers, too.

    My parents finally treat me as an equal in terms of respecting my intelligence, wisdom, and choices. (and taking any advice I give them seriously)

    THAT’S the absolute best thing about being 30.

  2. The world takes you more seriously as a 30-something than as a 20-something. In a professional setting, I hated telling people my age when I was in my 20’s.

    Things just don’t bother you the same way. Older and wiser – cliched but true.

    I wouldn’t go back for anything. Very happy to be in my 30’s. Even if it means my baby plan went to hell and if I do have a baby I will be 32. Worth it not to be in my 20’s anymore.

  3. I stoped worrying about being single, I don’t need a man to be happy, so I stopped looking for “the one” and I start waiting for him to find Me.

  4. I am probably to old for this as I am on my way out of 30’s – 38 at the end of this month but I would say …

    I can afford better tasting wine and food, I don’t worry about going to bed early because I don’t have to prove to anyone that I am a grown-up and can stay up late, I can say I have had a quiet weekend and that sounds like a good thing, I can have a quiet weekend and think it is a good thing!

  5. Thanks to all who shared their thirtysomething wisdom… I know my sister-in-law will benefit from each of your thoughtful observations about life after 30.

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