Cars my age are considered antiques

So today is my birthday. I was all excited that it fell on a Friday this year, but thus far it’s been uneventful, and parts of it have downright sucked. Consider the following: My skin is breaking out. Yes, with zits. I have not had a breakout since I got pregnant and now, today, on my birthday, … More Cars my age are considered antiques


My friend Steph is compiling a list of great things about being 30 for her sister-in-law, who is apparently freaking out about her upcoming thirtieth birthday. Since most of my readership is in the 30s range, I thought I’d enlist all of you to contribute to the list. Leave your “what’s great about being 30” … More thirtysomething

Why I love Charity

My sister Charity has been making me laugh at inappropriate times and at inappropriate things since she was five months old. I will never forget sitting in church on a Sunday night with her on my lap. I was 12, and drawing attention of any kind to myself was, at that time in my life, … More Why I love Charity

Birthdaypalooza, Day 1

My birthday is Wednesday, but for the past several years I’ve started celebrating several days in advance. Birthday, birthweek, birthmonth. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just an excuse to celebrate life more fully. I had dinner with my mom and my sister Charity, my grandmother and her husband, whom we all call Big Dave … More Birthdaypalooza, Day 1