So long, friend.

I think it’s an understatement to say that the past few years have magnified how divisive the internet can be. Articles and books have been written—I have even written—about how easy it is for people to hide behind their keyboards and lob insults at folks they will never see. And if we’re being honest, sometimes … More So long, friend.

Running With Amigos

A FB acquaintance of mine posted an article recently about why people post their run routes, workouts, and gym photos on social media. The article’s author, and my acquaintance and many of her commenting friends, claim it is because those people are vain and need huge amounts of attention to feed their gaping bottomless pits … More Running With Amigos

The Story

Originally published March 30, 2017 in response to the last attack on American healthcare and the Syrian refugee crisis.  Last week as I absentmindedly scrolled through Facebook the way we do, I saw a story on Scary Mommy called “What if it Were My Baby? The Importance of Putting Ourselves in Another Mother’s Shoes.” I skipped … More The Story

On my mind.

It has been almost a year, both since we chatted, and since we have not chatted, about your girl. I still remember vividly that morning when, per my  usual routine, I stumbled across your post on Facebook and literally hit my knees on the unforgiving linoleum floor of my bathroom. My mom was still staying … More On my mind.

Not even for you, BFF

Those of you who’ve been around a while will remember my BFF, Catherine Newman? For years she wrote a parenting blog, Dalai Mama, which I discovered through my addiction to [the now defunct, let us all have a moment of silence] Wondertime magazine, and then she shifted her focus to a food blog, Dalai Mama Dishes*. When I initially … More Not even for you, BFF