This is just to say*

I have not
gone into labor
and probably won’t
until January

and my baby
will weigh 15 pounds
and have
a giant head

Forgive my silence
work is insane
so hectic
and so maddening

*I started a post last Thursday, which I plan to finish today. Meanwhile, it would make me very happy if someone correctly identified this post’s extended allusion.

10 thoughts on “This is just to say*

  1. William Carlos Williams poem about eating the plums

    So sweet
    and so cold.

    Glad you’re not in labor, but I imagine that getting ready to go on Maternity leave is making everything that much more hectic!

  2. I knew it too!

    Has anyone else read “Love That Dog” by Sharon Creech about the kid writing poetry. It makes me WEEP every time. A great little book.

  3. Love That Dog is fantastic. So is Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson (but so, so sad) and Heartbeat, also by Creech (though of the two, LTD is better, and fair warning to the TTC crowd: Heartbeat has pregnancy/baby stuff in it).

    I only vaguely recognized the poem. All the poetheads beat me. I had to Google it. But I was a Sociology/Women’s Studies major!!!

  4. Hope that the insanity lets up soon – if only for the holiday break. How much longer are you scheduled to work for?

    And are you utterly enormous, to make you worry about a 15lber? Or do you just feel that way?

    Enjoyed finding out about the poem btw.

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