It’s always something

I have been making empty promises about this post since last Wednesday. Sadly, it’s already Wednesday again, almost two weeks after I originally started it, and I still may not finish it. It’s chaotic at work. Have I mentioned that? At this moment I can hear the sounds of four different classes, my own not … More It’s always something

Quick update

As I was assured by many of you, my baby does not have an enormous head. My doctor shared the radiologist’s report with me yesterday, and everything is within completely normal range. The head measures about a week and a half ahead of the rest of the body, which the doctor said was nothing to … More Quick update

In the beginning

My seventeenth charted cycle started on March 22, 2006. I was back in the game with a new donor after a four-month break, 6 failed IUIs, a miscarriage, an HSG, 2 donors, and almost of year of recording fertility data. I was starting to think it was never going to happen. According to That Fertility … More In the beginning

Eh. You might as well know what kind of crazy you’re dealing with here.

It’s been boring here lately. Even I am bored with my blogging, or not blogging, whatever you want to call it. It would be easy for me to tell you that I’ve been quiet because I’ve been busy with work (which is true) and graduate school (also true), but I wouldn’t be telling you the … More Eh. You might as well know what kind of crazy you’re dealing with here.


Why is it that when bending over is a near impossiblity, so many things I need keep falling on the ground?

Another public apology

Dear K.E. Court Cul-de-Sac Neighbors: If you happened to look out your front windows last night around 10:45 in time to see a pregnant woman wearing nothing but a too-small tie-dyed t-shirt, excessively large underwear, and a pair of black leather Mary Janes hissing obscenities at her dog, please accept my deepest apologies. I had … More Another public apology


I can’t even remember if I’ve mentioned that I’m taking two graduate courses this semester. It was all part of The Plan That Wasn’t To Be: I was going to be working in a school media center, which was going to limit my constant contact with kids, which was going to limit my exhaustion; I … More Procrastination