Lucky 7

Thanks to Trista and Amanda for posting this little game of sevens. Play along! Especially if I asked you to specifically by name, because I’ve had a long week and if you don’t play along I will be forced to hunt you down and assign you a week of detention, to be spent with the members of my obnoxious 4th period class!

7 things I want to do before I die:
1. Be a mom.
2. Own a flat in London.
3. Go to Africa.
4. Write professionally.
5. Live on a lake.
6. Learn to speak Italian.
7. Yoga every single day.

7 things I cannot do:
1. Comprehend the stock market.
2. Grow my hair all the way out before cutting it again. (I feel you, Amanda!)
3. Sleep when it’s light outside.
4. Get to meetings on time.
5. Go through a day without thinking about my grandfather, who died in 1989.
6. Read Charles Dickens.
7. Watch medical shows on TV.

7 things that I’m attracted to:
1. Puppies.
2. Babies.
3. Philanthropy and compassion.
4. Dark features.
5. Intelligence.
6. Visionary souls.
7. Curly hair.

7 things I say often:
1. WTF?
2. Good lord! (Karen Walker style)
3. Excellent.
4. Oh, no. (Phoebe Buffay style)
5. Oh. My. God.
6. Kiss my left butt cheek.
7. Are you freaking kidding me?

7 Celebrity obsessions:
1. Ashley Judd
2. Sharon Stone
3. Karen Carpenter
4. Johnny Cash
5. Joan Baez
6. Ellen
7. Tom Hanks

People I want to do this:
1. Megan
2. Jen
3. Cait
4. Calliope

Yeah, I realize that’s not 7, but some of the people I would ordinarily list have already played!

4 thoughts on “Lucky 7

  1. “Go through a day without thinking about my grandfather”

    wow. me too.

    (Word verification=aptsex. WTF?????)

  2. Wow, I should have officially tagged you, cause I thought about it, and I though, oh, she’s so busy, she won’t do it and then I’ll cry. But I wouldn’t have. How great is that!

    I say Good Lord (in just that way), all the time too, but I ran out of room for things I say all the time cause I’m so damn repetitive…

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