I(owe)U(an update)I(do believe)

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, fertile vibes, etc. you sent for yesterday’s IUI. It went off without a hitch–hardly any pain in spite of the fact that the scary tenaculum made a repeat appearance. The nurse practitioner who did the procedure talked me through every step and distracted me during the unpleasant parts. I spent the 20 minutes after the procedure lying on the table envisioning myself surrounded by love and light, and I left feeling very positive.

The freakish doubts were waiting when I woke this morning, however, and I’ve been fighting them off all day. I’m telling myself this is completely normal, and I’m reminding myself that believing is half the battle, and I’d still appreciate those prayers and fertile vibes.

Stay tuned–another update to follow in about two weeks.

4 thoughts on “I(owe)U(an update)I(do believe)

  1. Believing is important, but if you have doubts, don’t beat yourself up. It’s human – and it doesn’t mean it won’t work. God knows I am living proof that you can be terrified and convinced it won’t work (the utter opposite of positive thinking) and still conceive.

    For your own sake, I’d say, try to be as positive as you can (it’s a more enjoyable state!) but if you can’t pull it off, be where you are and love yourself right there.

    (Great advice. Now if I could just follow it myself!)

  2. I believe! I believe!
    So glad the procedure was incedent free.
    Now as for those doubts…cut it out! Just quit it.
    You are pregnant until proven otherwise.

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