This must be what Heaven is like

This morning I woke from a rather detailed dream that involved, among other things, my grandmother’s biscuits. I had just buttered some in the dream when it ended abruptly as my cat heaved his enormous weight against my chest. I never got to dream-eat the biscuits, but I thought eating some real ones sounded like a good idea. Lo and behold, there was biscuit mix in the cupboard (my grandmother’s long-kept secret is pre-packaged biscuit mix, incidentally), so I baked myself some biscuits. Dreamy!

Later in the day I was flipping channels and stumbled upon one of my favorite movies of all time, “Pay it Forward.” The movie had already been on for almost an hour, and since I hadn’t seen it in a while I decided I’d like to see it from the beginning. It just so happens that I own “Pay it Forward,” so I popped it in and had myself a good cathartic bawl. Excellent!

While watching “Pay it Forward” I saw the characters eating what appeared to be wild rice. I immediately started craving wild rice. What are the odds that there would actually be a box of wild rice in my pantry? Pretty good, apparently, because there was one box there, which I immediately cooked and ate. Yum!

I’m hoping that tonight I’ll dream about bags of money.

4 thoughts on “This must be what Heaven is like

  1. you could take this show on the road. quite a skill to have!
    (I am trying to forgive you for having any Helen Hunt movie as one of your favorites.)
    by the way…how are you ‘feeling’?????

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