It would have been worth the arrest

On my way home I stopped at Walgreens to buy some Halloween candy (nothing like planning ahead!). While I was waiting to pay I spied a box of Reece’s eggs on the checkout counter–2 for a dollar!–so I threw a couple into my basket. (Okay, okay, the package says “Reece’s PUMPKINS, but Reece’s hasn’t always made pumpkins. They have ALWAYS made eggs, and face it, folks, the pumpkin is just an egg with a stem. As far as I’m concerned, what I purchased was an egg in a Halloween wrapper!) I am not ashamed to tell you that before I even started my car I ate one of the Reece’s eggs, and I am not ashamed to tell you that had an officer of the law pulled up next to me he might have suspected that I was up to things one should not do in public. It was that good.

3 thoughts on “It would have been worth the arrest

  1. I saw them yesterday and thought, “What’s next? Reese’s Shamrocks? Reese’s Stars & Stripes? They used to be just eggs!” Kinda like Peeps. Did you see the Pumpkin Peeps? Ah, well, they still taste awesome (the Reese’s, not the Peeps. I do not like marshmallow).

  2. what is with the cross pollinization of candy? Eggs should be eggs. Peeps should be peeps & M&M’s should not have rice krispy’s in them.
    but if it makes you happy…

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