What I did on my summer vacation, volume 1

There is a reason I did not go into some sort of computer-based career. Well, there are a few–calculus and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, for example. But I do not want to write about those. I want to write about how I have spent around five hours today in front of a screen making edits, creating links, learning HTML codes, uploading and resizing images, and republishing my blog ad nauseum. FIVE. HOURS. Mind you, I like the results. I now have a nice array of photos and links in my sidebar, and I have learned some quick tips for future reference (i.e., a digital photo directly from the camera will not FIT into the average blog). On the downside, however, my neck is frozen in a forward-craning position, my eyes are blurred, and I’ve had to pee for the last two hours. Thank God there is Yoga class tonight.

Now, about those changes. I’m a teacher, and I’m pretty sure all teachers are born with the borrowers gene. You know the one–you hear abut something cool another teacher is doing so you “borrow” it, adapt it, and make it your own. That’s kinda what I did with my blog. So in the fashion of an Academy Award winner speech, I’d like to thank the following:

Bri, for the idea of putting up links to cool books and music
Emilin, for the idea of putting images in the sidebar
Jen, for pointing me in the right direction (read: the dark, confusing, mathmatical-looking underbelly of other people’s webpages)
All of the above, plus other cool bloggers like Julie, for providing me with witty inspiration to write about…well, anything.
And finally, to Laura the Amazing Yoga Teacher who, in just a few hours, will make it possible for me to lift my head and read all of these blogs in the morning.


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