I am somewhat out of sorts today. I had odd dreams all night (did you know Ellen and Portia are coming to my hometown for their honeymoon, and that Ellen is wearing a light pink chiffon dress in their wedding?) and the phone startled me awake, and I was up until two in the morning … More Sorting

She’s come undone

I have four–FOUR!–drafts saved in WordPress right now. I could be working on any of them. I have eaten half a bowl of cereal and my coffee is tepid. I could be finishing my breakfast. Mia is binge-eating Cheerios in the high chair. I could be cleaning up the morning meal disaster area, wiping down the tray, … More She’s come undone

Things and stuff

I’ve been taking a young adult literature class for my master’s degree. We’ve read a little of everything–problem novels, poetry, historical fiction, mystery and horror, romance, adventure. My current required reading list includes a graphic novel of my choice. I don’t like graphic novels. They are too busy for me, too much on the page, and … More Things and stuff

Got books?

My spring break officially begins at 3:45 p.m. today. I’m not going out of town, but I’m looking forward to having no schedule and being at home and sleeping late. And reading. I’m planning to lie around on my screened porch and read. A lot. It should come as no surprise that I have a … More Got books?

Gambler indeed

I just finished watching one of the best reality music shows ever created, CMT’s “Crossroads.” If you call yourself a music fan and you’ve never watched this show…well, I’m just going to assume it’s becuase you don’t get CMT in your town. “Crossroads” is 1-2 hours of candid backstage banter and both behind-the-scenes and on-stage … More Gambler indeed

So happy to live here

I just discovered this event, the North Carolina Festival of the Book, is taking place just down the road in April, and it’s free. FREE!!! Check out the speaker list! Normally I hear about events like this occurring in places far, far away, but I can be in Durham in 45 minutes. I’m so pumped!


Item 1: I have been having strange dreams. REALLY strange dreams. You know the kind: when you wake up in that “WTF?” state, and there’s still a little crazy on your face, and you want to tell someone–anyone–what just transpired in the dark abyss of your skull, but you have too much on your to-do … More Minutia

Really good songs

Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Schoolchildren of Wanseko, Uganda–2005 Oxford American Southern Music CD) Perfect World (Indigo Girls–All That We Let In) Times Like These (Jack Johnson–On and On) Snow is Gone (Josh Ritter–Hello Starling) Little Black Crow (Divine Maggees–Love Me Like the Roses) John Llewellyn (Annie Gallup–Backbone) Echoes (Dar Williams–My Better Self) Ode to … More Really good songs