Really good songs

  1. Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Schoolchildren of Wanseko, Uganda–2005 Oxford American Southern Music CD)
  2. Perfect World (Indigo Girls–All That We Let In)
  3. Times Like These (Jack Johnson–On and On)
  4. Snow is Gone (Josh Ritter–Hello Starling)
  5. Little Black Crow (Divine Maggees–Love Me Like the Roses)
  6. John Llewellyn (Annie Gallup–Backbone)
  7. Echoes (Dar Williams–My Better Self)
  8. Ode to Common Things (John McCutcheon–Mightier Than the Sword)
  9. Living in the Moment (Mason Jennings–Century Spring)
  10. Show Me the River (Eastmountainsouth–Eastmountainsouth)
  11. One Small Heart (Mary Chapin Carpenter–Between Here and Gone)
  12. Better Together (Jack Johnson–In Between Dreams)
  13. Lost and Found (Patty Larkin–Regrooving the Dreams)
  14. I’m Looking Through You (The Wallflowers–“I Am Sam” Original Soundtrack)
  15. Dear Mary (Linda Thompson–Songbirds: The Essential Album Volume 2)
  16. Dewey Dell (Mason Jennings–Century Spring)
  17. Constellations (Jack Johnson–In Between Dreams)
  18. At the Moment (John McCutcheon–Stand Up)
  19. Eyes of God (Tret Fure–Anytime, Anywhere)
  20. Camera (Annie Gallup–Backbone)
  21. Song for the Fireflies (Josh Ritter–Golden Age of Radio)
  22. Love and Happiness for You (Kimmie Rhodes–Love Me Like a Song)
  23. 2 Dollar Shoes (Rosie Thomas–When We Were Small)
  24. Untitled (Patty Larkin–Regrooving the Dream)

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