the first

I spent a considerable amount of time on Sunday thinking of a name for my very first blog. It was time I really couldn’t afford to spend, given the lists of things waiting to be done, those I’ll-do-it-over-the-weekend things, that never got done during the week. And yet, for literally two hours I sat in front of my computer logged into staring blankly at the screen and saying out loud the myriad possibilities for this foray into Internet publishing. I finally settled on “one small corner of the universe” because I like to think I’m one of a gazillion people having random but univeral thoughts, hanging out on my little corner under the same big sky, wondering what to do with the constant monologue inside my head.

I’ve been hearing the word “blog” a lot lately. It puts me in mind of a character from “Coneheads” or “Star Wars.” And then Luke came face to face with the Blog, its meaty limbs poised for attack. The light saber was at the ready…. Sorry, I digress.

At an educational technology conference I attended a few weeks ago, blogging was the buzzword on everyone’s tongue. Then I read that Rosie O’Donnell had one. Then a woman in an online discussion board I read posted hers. I started reading and, well, I’m a little addicted now. I’m a literature and creative writing teacher (I also like to call myself a poet and writer), so the idea of instant publication is awesome to me. In this world of super-hero-quality multi-tasking, those of us with something to say are more likely to find ourselves in front of a computer with a spare 15 minutes than sitting in a quiet place with a pen, a notebook, and an hour to write. I prefer the pen and notebook, but I’ll take the screen. So here goes.

Blog, behold your latest warrior.

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