Gambler indeed

I just finished watching one of the best reality music shows ever created, CMT’s “Crossroads.” If you call yourself a music fan and you’ve never watched this show…well, I’m just going to assume it’s becuase you don’t get CMT in your town. “Crossroads” is 1-2 hours of candid backstage banter and both behind-the-scenes and on-stage collaboration between a country music artist and a well-known artist from another musical genre. Tonight’s episode featured Kenny Rogers with Lionel Richie, and my real point in bringing this up in the first place is to make the following important statements:

  1. Now that John Cash is gone, Kenny Rogers is the only old man on the planet who can pull off black leather pants.
  2. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers sing “Ruby” and “The Gambler.” I tell you, it was better than “Islands in the Stream.” Yeah, Calliope, I said it. But be advised that on Wednesday, March 15 at 11 p.m. “Crossroads” features Dolly Parton and Melissa Etheridge, and THEY sing “9 to 5” and “Somebody Bring Me Some Water,” and THAT trumps Kenny and Lionel hands down.

3 thoughts on “Gambler indeed

  1. oh my hell. another reality show i must watch?? kenny and lionel??? dolly and melissa????

    ok. i’m putting the ?s away now.

  2. The Dolly/Melissa episode is AWESOME. Dolly totally flirts with Melissa and Melissa gets all flustered. It’s absolutely adorable. 🙂

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