What does your music say about you?

I listened to this on the way to work today. It might seem odd, but as soon as the first note of the first song began to play I knew it was a good move. Now if only the weather would cooperate….

What are you listening to?

4 thoughts on “What does your music say about you?

  1. the killers … mr. brightside makes for a good friday song. it’s just loud enough to muffle the jerk in the next office who’s yelling at someone on the phone.

    holiday music in early november, eh?! a little holiday cheer never hurts.

  2. Christmas music?????? ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
    I am listening to a mix of Shins & Spoon.

    I miss seeing bands live.


    even Coldplay cancels coming to Alabama.

  3. Hmmm, I notice several songs about children and then there’s that whole “announcing the birth” business….


    (When I am driving you crazy, tell me to stop!)

  4. today, i am embarassed to admit that i’ve been listening to crap.. excuse me, rap. and an 80s mix. (left my ipod at home, oh phish and radiohead, how i miss thee.)

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