At the sound of the beep

Hi. You’ve reached HD at One Small Corner of the Universe. I’m not available to post right now because, thanks to a misunderstanding following a trip to the grocery store wherein I said to myself, “That needs to go into the freezer,” but I misunderstood myself and thought I said, “That needs to go right … More At the sound of the beep

A la mia cara Mia: Mommy is a slacker

I started doing these little monthly updates for the same reason that a certain well-known blogger does monthly letters about her daughter: changes, both physical and mental, happen so fast with babies, and I didn’t want to forget anything and end up posting something in December like, “You’ve grown a lot.  You’re a year old. You’re a big girl … More A la mia cara Mia: Mommy is a slacker

4 things

1. A question (for my Harry Potter friends): if you could have any magical power from the Harry Potter series, what would it be? What magical object would you like to possess? Me, I want to Apparate, and I really dig Hermione’s magic purse from book 7. 2. A request: Amanda! When I go to … More 4 things


I drove by the site of my former workplace yesterday. It’s REALLY gone now. Nothing there but a concrete foundation and a flagpole. If I hadn’t known were I was, I wouldn’t have known where I was. It was eerie, but completely unemotional. I think knowing that my stuff is no longer accessible is actually … More Assorted

New frontiers

This is my last post on Blogger, and my first post on my all new blog at WordPress. Call me a follower, a copycat, a bandwagon-jumper–whatever you call me, please keep visiting, and if you link to my site, please adjust your site accordingly. The truth about the change is that I don’t like being … More New frontiers