New frontiers

This is my last post on Blogger, and my first post on my all new blog at WordPress. Call me a follower, a copycat, a bandwagon-jumper–whatever you call me, please keep visiting, and if you link to my site, please adjust your site accordingly.

The truth about the change is that I don’t like being forced into things. I have a hard enough time with change as it is, but when someone says, “You must! You have no choice!” I tend to resist. So that’s why I’m moving. It’s not just because lots of other cool people have moved. Well, not entirely. I do tend to like that bandwagon.


And speaking of moving, I may be buying another house. I say another house because I haven’t sold the house I’m living in now. But I’ve stumbled upon a house that may be too good to pass up, and since it’s unlikely that my house will sell in, like, a day, I may have two houses for a while. I’ll send you my address at the institution, where I will no doubt end up if all of this comes to pass.


But now for the biggest news of all: I have a new principal. Yes, that’s right. New. As in, Principal is on “extended medical leave” through the end of the year. If you believe that, please contact me as soon as possible so I can share with you the meaning of life and introduce you to my best friends, Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey.

No, the truth is, some higher-ups found out about this, plus all kinds of other unethical and borderline illegal things Principal has been up to, and since bad publicity is not allowed in my school system, they made up something to tell the public and then pretty much sent her packing. Honestly, though, knowing Principal, having someone find out she is not perfect is probably enough to send her to the looney bin–that’s even worse than having your school burn down–so she may well be on actual medical leave. Who knows? What I know is that going back to work in two weeks will be just slightly more bearable because there is nowhere for my school to go but up at this point. Of course, that’s not the case for my students, they who are running amuck in my tiny classroom, making huge messes, slacking on their assignments, and scanning their faces into my password protected computer (seriously, every teenager should be considered a dangerous hacker). No, my students are going down.

2 thoughts on “New frontiers

  1. yay for the blog move AND the possible house move.
    HUGE deal on the principal’s, um, medical leave…wow. I hope the new person (do you know who it is yet) makes things a lot better.

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