Give me a topic, volume 2

Calliope asks:

Who will win American Idol?

I am probably one of the only people in America–no, the WORLD–who doesn’t watch American Idol. I have watched the audition episodes exactly twice. I am extremely anti-reality show, and I don’t listen to much mainstream music or watch much mainstream television, so the show doesn’t really interest me. I didn’t even watch when Chris Daughtry, who is from a tiny suburb of the town where I live, was in the top 5 or 2 or whatever. That being said, I would like to CREATE a reality show. It would be called “American Classroom,” and it would feature an average American school, much like the one where I teach; the contestants would be “regular” people who get thrown into the classroom. No special challenges would be necessary, as the job is just full of them, and the participants would have to survive an entire semester with the same group of students. Points would be awarded and deducted based on temper management, student discipline, fulfillment of teaching and non-instructional duties, student grades, test scores, punctuality and attendance, timely completion of paperwork–just to name a few. The winners would be awarded the right to go back to their “real” jobs and shut the hell up about how great it is that teachers get all summer off and still get paid.

What are you doing this Summer?

Mostly I will be playing with my daughter. I would love to say I’m traveling some, but with gas prices creeping up to the 4 dollar mark, I’ll probably only go as far as the NC mountains and the Carolina coast. I plan to do a lot of reading and catching up on my Netflix viewing list, and I hope to hear some good live, local music. I won’t be taking any grad classes this summer–they are offering one I desperately need, but it is reserved for students from our cohort program in Asheville, and they won’t let me take it even if I’m willing to drive to Asheville for the class.

When will you be DONE with classes?

If you mean this semester, I will receive my pitiful B- for the class I just completed on Monday. If you mean for good, I lack two courses and a school media practicum for completion of the degree. I hope to have the degree completed by May of 2008 so I can start receiving a master’s salary in the fall of 2008.

Where do you get excited about taking Mia someday?

I can’t wait to take her to London. I also want to take her to Italy. I’m imminently excited about taking her to the beach and to my friend Nancy’s house in the mountains. I am extremely excited about taking her to the National Storytelling Festival, and to local concerts (she’ll attend her first in June). I’m also looking forward to taking her to Habitat for Humanity builds and other such volunteer events, because I want her to know how fortunate she is and how capable she is of contributing positively to the world.

Why are crocs so popular?

Dude, have you ever put your feet into a pair? They are SO. VERY. COMFORTABLE. They may not be pretty, but they feel so wonderful. They’re also perfect for people [read: me] who run into things and stub their toes often–they protect your [my] feet and keep you [me] from severely injuring your [my] lower digits.

3 thoughts on “Give me a topic, volume 2

  1. Love the Reality Show idea – simply brilliant! I’d like to create one where people get sent to live in a housing project with a measly welfare check and no family support to speak of, ask them to try to get an education, decent job, and get out of poverty – then see what they have to say about “lazy welfare mothers.”

  2. I am the other person who doesn’t watch American Idol. Though I know more about it than I want to thanks to the kids.

    I have fantasized more than once about the reality show you propose…

  3. i think that reality show idea is BRILLIANT. seriously- call PBS now and pitch it to them. If fox can air that dumb ass show about 5th graders…

    so maybe I will try some crocs this summer…my flip flops are killing the area between my big and index toe.

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