Overheard in biology class

Teacher: We need bees to pollinate flowers–if not for the bees we’d have a shortage of plant life.  

Student: Why do we need flowers anyway? We don’t eat them.

Teacher: Most fruits and vegetables start out as flowers. If there were no flowers we’d have no fruit.

Student: I don’t eat fruit. I eat meat.

Teacher: What about grass? The cows need grass.

Student: Man, there ain’t no flowers on grass. You crazy.

Teacher [trying to change the subject]: Trust me. We need the bees. Now, moving on…

Student [muttering]: I wish we ain’t had no grass. More room to build things on, yo.

And also….

Teacher: Pollen spreads many different ways. For example, water can move pollen.

Same student: So if you swimming in water that has pollen in it, you swimming in sperm, right?

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