I used to brag about how I never get sick, about how I have an immune system straight out of a science lab thanks to my perpetual exposure to teenagers who leave their snot-soaked tissues on the floor and sneeze on the pencil sharpener for fun. I have probably done some such bragging on this very blog, and if I weren’t sick FOR THE SECOND TIME IN THREE MONTHS I would find an example and include a nice link for reference. That’s right. Sore throat, cough, inability to force air through my nostrils. Mia is also sick. Neither of us has a fever, so the doctor won’t even consider seeing us, and while I can at least get high on decongestant and expectorant, my poor baby has to walk around blowing snot bubbles and wiping them on the furniture. It’s like being in the classroom again.

It should go without saying that this is a horrible time for me to be sick*. I am being observed by my professor tomorrow, so there’s no staying home to recuperate, and I have class tomorrow night. I have a paper due Monday (finished!), and a mammoth group project in the works, and my efforts to convince teachers to use the library have finally paid off–we are full all week! Super. If I manage to get through this week (of course I will, I’m just being dramatic), spring break will be waiting for me in all it’s glory: SEVEN straight days of no work. Just the thought of it makes me feel a little better.

Meanwhile, I am pretty much failing daily at this “I’m a writer” thing. I am trying to figure out what to do about that, and I’m sure after I emerge victorious from my final round of grad school I will have more of a handle on my writing self, but I want you to know–you, with the encouraging comments, you with the daily click only to find the same tired post, you with the email and IM, you who are my biggest fans (hi Mom)–I really appreciate the fact that you’re all still around, still reading, still expecting me to write.

*Even as I type this phrase, a phrase I hear people say often, I have to wonder if there’s really an opposite sentiment. I mean, have you EVER heard anyone say, “I have the runs, but it’s okay, this is a great time for me to be sick”?

5 thoughts on “Sick

  1. I don’t think there’s ever a good time to be sick but there are definitely better times and worse times. This counts as a worse time, from the sound of it. Feel better soon – but just assume your immune system is down for the count for the next few years. Kids are really good at getting their parents sick, even their teacher parents.

  2. I just read a tip for kids & coughing which seems to be working for P’ito – give ’em half a tsp of honey (over age 1 only) before bed. Helps lube up their throats and lets them get some sleep – which lets you get some sleep.

    Speaking of sleep…

  3. keep writing!!!
    <—-one of the ones clicking often to look for new words (tho not daily as teh nursing school doesnt afford me any luxury like that)

    the potty post was hysterical!!!!

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