Out of the woodwork

Today I was in line at a Super Mega Grocery Useless Crap store behind an elderly woman in silk pajamas, a housecoat, and bedroom slippers. I am not even kidding. Does this only happen in the South, because I cannot recall ever seeing a granny in her PJs out in public in any other place I’ve visited. I hope I have the nerve, or  maybe the joie-de-vivre, to wear my jammies to the supermarket when I’m 80. Or, if I’m wearing them because I’ve completely lost my mind, that my children will make sure I’m wearing pants under my robe.

It’s been a busy week so far, and it’s only Tuesday, so I’m expecting the trend to continue. I’m hoping to find an hour to do some actual writing and reflecting tomorrow. Meanwhile, thanks a million to whoever it was who commented on the baby’s haircut post. I’ve really missed all that grammar correction I used to do when I was a classroom teacher. You gave me some nice editing practice today at lunch. Good thing you chimed in, too, because I had planned to spend that time weeping over my chipped nail polish. Thank goodness you clued me in–from now on I’ll be sure to worry about life’s more important…shit.

3 thoughts on “Out of the woodwork

  1. Hm…someone was correcting your grammar? Or you had to correct theirs?

    And yes, the pjs in the store is definitely a southern thing. Along with slippers that don’t really fit, and curlers. Don’t forget the curlers. 😉

  2. I’d say pajamas in the supermarket may be Southern — but in the suburbs of Wonderland, my mom always drove us to school wearing her nightgown under her rain coat — we got there on time, and she probably went straight back to bed.

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