Redefining crazy every chance I get

I had this free hour, see, this delicious free hour to write something witty. Perhaps a bit about one of the topics from my Virtual Sticky Note (yes, E., there IS a connection between Mia and the tampons), or even more on the theft and vandalism that occurred at my desk last weekend (Yes! There’s more!). I could have even written about how earlier today I went out to meet the mail carrier, and then a little while later I realized that my pants were unbuttoned and my belt was flapping in the breeze, because about three hours ago I set out to change pants and then got distracted. But instead I spent my free writing hour searching my own blog for something about the water being colder in the bathroom than in the kitchen. See, what happened was, my new BFF, Catherine? She commented. HERE, on THIS blog. I know!  And she mentioned that she, too, wondered about the cold water in the bathroom, and I’m all, “Hey, I wonder that! Wait. She said ‘too.” She must mean in addition to me, since this is my blog she’s commenting on.” And then I was all, “Huh. I wonder where I said that.” And thus began an hour-long search for that reference. It’s in my little blurb under the ME tab, if you are dying to know, and I had to actually install a search widget in the sidebar and then search my own blog to find it because google-blog-searching did not do the trick.

And what did I gain from this hour spent obsessively searching my own blog for something I actually wrote myself? The knowledge that I have given you even more evidence of instability for the judge when I lose my shit and plow down a student with a full book cart.

I am blaming the famous people. They have me all a flutter. You know, Catherine, my new published author BFF, and also Reba. Yes, that Reba. You don’t even need to know her last name, that’s how famous she is. I’m spending the evening with her. Well, her and several thousand other people. From now on you can just call me Fancy.

One thought on “Redefining crazy every chance I get

  1. This is the Waiting for Birdy woman, right? I read that whole book out loud to Wes because it was all. so. funny. I still think of my boobs as being ‘nursings.’ I am VERY impressed.
    Thanks for the baby food stuff.

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