Problem #1, solved

So we ended up at the pediatrician’s office last Thursday evening, in the words of the nurse I spoke with earlier that day, “just to be on the safe side.” She asked me a bunch of questions about my baby’s girly parts, most of which I could not answer, and crooned sympathetically to me when I responded, “I feel stupid saying this, but I don’t know.” She assured me that I was not stupid, that everyone’s parts are different, and even if my baby’s weren’t the size of a grain of rice I still might have trouble seeing a problem. I cried secretly while she scheduled our appointment.

Apparently she does still have a “moderate adhesion,” but not enough to impede urination. She has no other symptoms, no fever, no redness, no weird lumps or other out-of-place things. No, folks, what we have here is a case of pee-holding. The ped told me to try putting her on the potty. What the ped doesn’t know is that she’s been experimenting with the potty for a little over a month. She likes to read there. Sometimes she pees. Occasionally she even poops. Yesterday I changed a total of three diapers; in between there was much peeing and pooping on the potty, and much hand clapping.

Of course, at the moment there is much weeping and gnashing of 3.5 small teeth. There was no napping today save our 25 minute drive home, so this house is going to bed early. When we say our night-night prayers, we’ll be asking for embryos to thrive and eggs to be fertilized, and for all the other uteri in between.

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