Problem #1

Yesterday Mia went almost 9 hours during the day without wetting her diaper. NINE. She did pee eventually; she was wet this morning when she got up at 7, and wet again at 10:3o. But she hasn’t been terribly active in that area today, and I’m starting to freak out a little. Because that is what I do.

At the 9 month appointment the ped told me she had a adhesion and told me to treat it with estrogen cream for 10 days.  She also told me to keep an eye on things and to reapply the estrogen cream if I noticed a recurrence of the adhesion. Um, yeah. The words “teeny,” “tiny,” and “extremely delicate” have taken on a whole new meaning for me. I am terrified I am going to hurt her, and she does not care for the inspection process, so I don’t know if we have a recurrence or not.

I have, of course, “researched” this malady obsessively, and I’ve learned that problems with urination only occur in extreme cases. I don’t know if I have an extreme case on my hands, or if my kid is holding her pee, or if she is dehydrated and not producing pee, or what. Please advise. How many times a day do 11.5 month-olds pee? Anybody else’s daughter have this problem, and if so, was it “extreme?” Any other words of advice? Meanwhile I’ll be backing away from my Google search results now. It’s scary there.

4 thoughts on “Problem #1

  1. Don’t over analyze! I’m sure everything is ok, and it’s probably just a coincedence. I have a horrible habit of getting online after every doctors appointment and looking up the worst case of what I have but it NEVER turns out to be true.

  2. Maybe just insoect her tonoght and monitor her liquid consumption. What is the RDA for toddlers and liquid consumption? I would also check out the heat in your house. Dry heat makes me thirsty

  3. Natalie had that, too, but at a younger age. It’s more common than you might think. We got kind of freaked out by some of what we found online about the estrogen cream so we just used Vaseline, and it took care of it in a few days. Warning: don’t be OVERLY gingerly about applying the cream (whether estrogen or Vaseline) – we were initially and didn’t accomplish anythng.

    We never had a problem with the peeing, but I’d try pushing hydration first and seeing if that was the issue.

    Good luck – no fun at all, I know.

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