WANTED: This Stuffed Animal

Off white fur, black and white oval eyes, short arms and legs, long tail, 10.5 inches tall.

Often mistaken for misshapen dachshund, elephant, prairie dog.

Goes by the name “Wee Hairy Beastie”; also answers to “WHB” and “Beastie.”

Resides in suburban neighborhood with almost-6-month-old who cannot sleep without clutching its stubby arms, legs, or ears.

Seriously. I need help. My daughter is attached to this…creature. I got it at Ikea the summer before she was born. Last summer. Just a mere 12 months ago. And today when I went to the Ikea website to purchase a backup or two THEY WEREN’T THERE. Now, I don’t know if they no longer exist, or if they just aren’t marketing them any longer. Now they have all these NEW toys that actually LOOK LIKE REAL ANIMALS. But my kid, she likes this animal. This animal that’s already starting to look like it lives under a car tire. This animal that smells like baby saliva and Johnson’s nighttime lotion. This animal with the perpetual wet ears.

Please. Someone. Someone who is fortunate enough to live near an Ikea. If you happen by the place any time soon, would you mind checking out the kids department for me, and if they have these animals, would you purchase a back-up or two for us. I will send you money, and I will make it up to you, I swear.

23 thoughts on “WANTED

  1. Oh, I have an animal somewhat like that from my childhood…I named it Rabbity. But it is probably really a dog. No one is sure. Is it washable? I still have Rabbity, b/c she is washable…

  2. I’ll make it my life mission (well, the next 3 weeks mission anyhow). Seriously. I’ll be in Australia next week and will look for it at the Ikea there.

  3. I looked at Ikea today, but I didn’t find anything like that. I emailed the pictures to my sister-not-in-law, who works at Ikea, to see if she knows for sure whether it’s been discontinued.

  4. Hi, Heather. I know I’ve seen it at the Ikea here in Melbourne, but I can’t remember if it’s recently. I’ll go and check on Monday, and if so buy a couple for Mom to bring back with her.

  5. You should check out Ebay! Also, i must warn you, my niece has carried around the SAME white cat stuffed animal (named appropriately “white kitty”) since she was a baby. She just turned 7. Thank god for washing machines.

  6. “White Bear” is the animal of choice in this house although ds was two before he ever “attached” to anything…hmmm. Because I live in BFK, I don’t have an IKEA to check, but good luck.

  7. Checked out Ikea in LA. They said they discontinued the stuffed animal. Btw, if I’m not mistaken, it’s not a dog but rather a kangaroo. The Ikea tag name is TASSA.

    Good luck in finding.

  8. We are also on the hunt for Tassa for our one-year-old. He has a blue one — known as “Blue Guy” because we had no idea what creature it was until my mother identified it as a kangaroo. Baby boy can’t do without it, and I was very distressed that I couldn’t find it anywhere on the Ikea website.

    You have saved the day — we’re calling the New Haven Ikea first thing tomorrow.

  9. Hi,

    My mother and I went to Ikea in New Haven, CT yesterday and she bought it for my 22 month old son. He is so in love with it. My mother calls it a rat.


  10. Yes this “creature” is difficult to define, but georgious he is? For me it is an ultrasoft squirrel with low self esteem. 🙂 In IKEA Zaventem (Belgium) this animal is no longer available since at least one year. They had the white and the blue ones.

  11. I have one just like it called blue…but it’s blue…he is one of my most loved items!!!!!! I just thought you’de like to know they are the best toys in the whole world!

  12. Mia we have 7 of them, white, red and blue and my brother n law has 2, my mother one, grandmother one, niece one. They are amazing little creatures. We think they are kangaroos too. I hope you found one for your daughter, even though this as posted a year ago! They are available on e-bay.

  13. Hi,
    I am in the exact same boat with the Ikea stuffed animal. I called Ikea today to sadly discover it has been discontinued. They actually list it as a dog! Who knew! We lovingly refer to it as Arty the ardvark. There is an ebay site that does have a light blue one however it is used and they are asking $34.99. I was able to find out from the folks at Ikea the washing instructions because I had removed the tag. They say wash in warm water on delicate. No dryer. I am afraid to try until I have a back up. Unfortunalty no other animal is going to replace our Arty!!! Good luck in your search. Please let me know if by some chance you find one or two.

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