Slow day at the ranch

I don’t think I’m mentioned on this blog lately how much I adore Tom Selleck. Seriously, how cute is he? And sweet? And funny? I’m planning to spend the rest of the summer on his ranch in Northern California. I could be a convincing rancher, right? I’ll let you know how it goes.

Actually, I’ll probably just order this.

Can you tell there’s not a lot going on around here this week?

4 thoughts on “Slow day at the ranch

  1. Had to delurk to say that my husband had a Tom Selleck tee that we both loved. It was one of those iron-on type things from the 70s. It featured him wearing a Hawaiian shirt, with a sparkly rainbow above his head. Unfortunately I left it in the drier for too long one time, and his face come out all cracked and warped. Oops.
    Anyway, I’m a friend of Bri’s, and I read various blogs she links to. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy by the way!

  2. Too funny! I have an aunt who has been nuts about Tom Selleck for years and years. We used to rent a beach house that was filled with pictures of celebrities. She always threatened to steal the one of Tom Selleck.

    You know, I’ve been under a rock lately, myself. Congratulations on the pregnancy!

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