We interrupt this period of silence and inactivity

While I’d love to fill you in on any number of scintillating topics (the impending installation of my new carpet, for example, and how I will consequently be trapped on the screened porch all day with my housecat, some granola bars, and two CDs; or the brief beach trip I took last week with my mom involving a slowly deflating air mattress, disgusting accommodations, a large basket of porn magazines, and what I was sure was going to be the Apocalypse), I am, in fact, going to be trapped on my screened porch all day (see above), my house full of strange men touching my stuff, and I just don’t think I can give these and other subjects the attention they deserve. I will most likely use up all of my energy today resisting the urge to follow the carpet installers around in an effort to see how they can possibly install carpet in a house full of furniture.

For those of you following along who might be wondering why I’m having new carpet installed in a house I’ve been talking about selling, I decided one major life change per year was enough, thanks, so there will no property exchange taking place here any time soon. And if the mention of CDs above made those of you in the CD mix club go “hmmm,” you should know that the two CDs I have here with me on the screened porch are indeed the master copies of the CDs I made for all of you, and no, I haven’t copied them yet, and yes, I am a big slacker.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my second breakfast (laugh all you want, I’m blaming the kid!).

3 thoughts on “We interrupt this period of silence and inactivity

  1. are you holding the master cd’s hostage???

    how are you staying cool? Is Miss Suzanna keeping things cool with the water hose?

  2. erm… You and me both… I finished my cd’s but I haven’t send them!! I know I’m awful BUT since I’m sending all to Trista it’s kind of a heavy box and I’m kind of broke right now, so next paycheck and the cd’s are off I swear!!

    How’s the pregnancy treating you? besides the double breakfasts?

  3. Toqe qkk uw 233,

    Now the above is what you have to look forward to – pumping and typing in a dark room so you don’t wake up the kid! 🙂 (it’s great, i love it, don’t get me wrong)

    Anyway, as I was saying, glad all is well. Thinking of you and checking the blog often. Hang in there!

    Jen (logged in as cait)

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