Exploring life’s important questions

Why aren’t there old cafeteria men?

Edited to clarify: You know, in schools. With hair nets and rubber hospital gloves. Why?

3 thoughts on “Exploring life’s important questions

  1. They’re there. They’re just… transformed.

    They don’t call them sloppy joes for nothing…

  2. we had a cafeteria guy at one of my middle schools but he also moonlighted as the school’s janitor…interesting question though.

  3. we had ’em at the school i taught in, but they weren’t custodians. that type of double duty would have cast doubr on the quality of the ingredients used in the casseroles.

    i could give you the work-patterns and choices of men versus women and how cafeteria work tends to be part-time, non-benefitted, yada yada….

    but, I don’t think that’s what you were asking, so we’ll leave it at the custodian/ingredient dilemma.

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