Exploring more of life’s important questions

Why is it that on the day of a scheduled haircut, your hair always turns out PERFECT, leaving you with major second thoughts about the haircut?

10 thoughts on “Exploring more of life’s important questions

  1. Hmm, obviously you just haven’t waited long enough. When I go in to have mine trimmed, I have a frickin’ rooster comb waving in the wind.

    My hairdresser literally stands at the window laughing at me as I walk across the parking lot.

  2. I had this problem yesterday. Perhaps I should have cancelled the appointment. My too long hair and roots would probably have been better than the Ronald McDonald-do I’m sporting right now.

  3. I’m the opposite! I hate to cut my hair! I love it long 🙂
    and Jennifer your hair is AWESOME!

    Where are you HD????

  4. I got my hair colored today – it had been FOURTEEN WEEKS and I had serious roots. She didn’t even cut it, because I’m growing it out. And yet it looks fabulous. So my question is, how can we get a stylist to come over every morning to make us look that good?

  5. On haircuts? Whenever I have that perfect hair day [PHD], I call my hairdresser for an appointment. I’ve learned the painful lesson that PHD plus 1 = BHD.

    And anyway, my hairdresser is the only woman in my life willing to see me on a regular basis.

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