Rest assured I won’t be pursuing a career in appliance repair

Yesterday when I got home–you remember yesterday, the day I wanted to quit my job and become a mechanic and murder my boss–I had all of 15 minutes to eat, change, and get my grad stuff together for my 5:30 class. As I was dashing around the house grabbing books, opening cans of Beefaroni*, and scooping cat food into Chapin’s bowl, I turned on the dishwasher on the fly. By the time I had my Beefaroni open and in the microwave the dishwasher was making a whining sound and emitting a “hot” smell. I freaked out, opened the door, stuck my head and, and was greeted by a completely dry dishwasher. No water whatsoever, but lots of steam. I used up five of my 15 minutes poking and turning and staring at the interior of the dishwasher, so my Beefaroni, which was not adequately heated in the microwave, went into the thermos lukewarm, and I left the house cursing all appliances everywhere.

When I got home I poked and turned and stared some more and determined that nothing was askew or broken, so I twisted the dial back around to “start” and flipped the switch again.

This is the part where I point out that unless you start your dishwasher at the BEGINNING of the “start” cycle, no water will run into the pipes and the cycle will run dry, which is NOT good for the dishwasher.

Needless to say, there isn’t actually anything wrong with my dishwasher, except, perhaps, for user error. I’ll be crossing “appliance repair” off my resume.


In other news, who watched “Commander in Chief” last night? It just gets better and better.

I want Geena Davis to be MY President.

*Yeah, I eat Beefaroni. I would have starved to death as a child had it not been for Chef-Boy-Ardee.

4 thoughts on “Rest assured I won’t be pursuing a career in appliance repair

  1. The dishwasher ALSO will not run with water in it if your family member (of the parental unit type) forgets to hook up the water after you’ve had your counter replaced. Which means the booster heater will run, and run, and run, because the (non-existent) water never gets to the appropriate temperature. Such that the plastic items in your dishwasher will melt into avant-garde artforms. Then you will finally realize that THERE’S NO WATER IN THERE and get a friendly neighbor to help you figure out the problem (in this case, a valve had to be opened – that’s all).

    Luckily no permanent damage was done to anything other than the plastic spoon and the tupperware lid. Phew.

  2. I watched Commander…but I am still a bit thrown off balance by Zach from saved by the bell being on it now.
    I’m more of a West Winger…& Veronica Marser…& every single Law & Orderer

    ok. I watch a crap load of tv. That melts my brain more than any Chef-boy-ardee product could!

  3. hahaha that’s too funny

    (and i totally agree about starving and chef-boy-ardee)

    also.. sorry about not posting on the tattoos and magnets.. i had an UNGODLY amount of reading to do last night. hopefully, i’ll post tonight!

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