Some questions for the DiGiorno people

1. About those instructions–“DO NOT EAT PIZZA WITHOUT COOKING.” Are you kidding me with this? Did someone actually try to eat the pizza while it was frozen? And then did they write to you complaining that the FROZEN pizza was inedible? Because I’m not sure you took the appropriate action. If someone actually ate a frozen pizza WITHOUT COOKING IT, that person should not be allowed to drive a car to the grocery store to purchase your pizza.

2. And about the serving size information? FIVE? FIVE servings? WHAT? It’s a SQUARE. I was never good at the math, but how do you slice a perfect square into fifths? Yeah, yeah, I realize I could just slice it into five long strips, but who ever heard of pizza strips?

3. And another thing–do you really think 1/5 of the pizza, which is less than two pieces, is a serving? Yeah, right, and a snack bag of M&Ms is enough for two people.

2 thoughts on “Some questions for the DiGiorno people

  1. on the flip side: frosted mini wheats allots 24 (!!) of its yummy squares for a serving. 24! My bowl runneth over.

    I hope you ate the entire DiGiorno just to spite them!

  2. Heather, about #1.. I do believe they put that warning there for college students. Just last week I saw a guy eating UNCOOKED RAMEN NOODLES. I swear on my life. He was pouring the POWDERED sauce on the HARD NOODLES like salt or something. Crazy.. although he said it was quite tasty.

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